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Carry forward the spirit of "benevolence, harmony, sincerity" and constantly give full play to the advantages of Chinese medicine characteristics, so as to make greater contributions to the health of the people.
Results Of International Cooperation
To make further improvement the internationalization level of our hospital's medical treatment, closely follow the forefront of international medical development, seriously organize and carry out the establishment of international hospitals in strict accordance with the requirements of Hangzhou International Hospital construction standard and in combination with the actual work of the hospital, from the aspects of strengthening international cooperation, standardizing hospital management, optimizing medical services, improving service concepts and management methods.

Enrich the forms and contents of international exchanges and further improve the international vision and comprehensive quality of medical staff in our hospital. Every year, international well-known experts and scholars are invited to give lectures, surgical demonstration, digital ward round and business guidance, and host or host various international medical seminars and thematic forums. In 2016 and 2017, Danish international listening experts and professors came to our college for investigation and exchange; In 2017, the instructor training courses of American Heart Association (AHA) basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support (ACLS) were successfully held in the clinical skills center of our hospital; In 2017, our hospital and the Institute of ultrasound of Thomas Jefferson University jointly hosted the "Sino US ultrasound diagnosis and treatment cooperation forum", focusing on the two important topics of "new progress in the application of ultrasound imaging technology in reproductive medicine" and "secondary hyperparathyroidism and parathyroid microtherapy", In addition, they also had face-to-face academic exchanges with ultrasound experts in Brazil and South Korea through the international live broadcasting platform; In 2018, Professor Avram hershko, a Nobel laureate and professor of Israel Institute of technology, and Professor Li Qiang, a senior statistician of George Global Health Institute in Australia, were invited to give special lectures.

Through international cooperation in the field, the internationalization depth and breadth of our hospital have been broadened, and the scientific research ability and medical internationalization level of the hospital have been further improved. At present, our hospital has become the "medical center of McGill University in Canada, Zhejiang branch in China"; I was awarded the "Sino Danish cooperative hearing and vertigo research center" by Denmark Er Tingmei hearing; Thomas Jefferson University Hospital of the United States and the "Sino US ultrasound cooperative training base" and "Zhejiang clinical training base of salpingography" of our hospital have also been officially settled. In 2016, our hospital became the advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS) training center of American Heart Association nodu international training center and Hangzhou training center.

Establish and improve the cooperation mechanism and cooperation platform, carry out exchanges and negotiations with world-famous medical institutions, and establish long-term friendly cooperative relations. It has successively signed friendly cooperation memoranda and cooperation agreements with McGill University Medical Center in Canada, Mayo Medical Center in the United States and Inova hospital in the United States on personnel training, academic exchange, special technical training, scientific research cooperation and hospital management. At the same time, we mutually employ well-known experts from both sides as visiting professors with the "St. Mary's Hospital" of Mayo Medical Center in the United States, so as to further enhance the cooperative relationship between the two sides; The hospital also signed a cooperative research agreement on "imaging research for treatment evaluation and precise prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases" with the Department of radiology of Cambridge University, UK. The Department of radiology of Cambridge University Medical School accepted the short-term academic exchange and learning of our researchers and gave relevant scientific research guidance.