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Carry forward the spirit of "benevolence, harmony, sincerity" and constantly give full play to the advantages of Chinese medicine characteristics, so as to make greater contributions to the health of the people.
Research labs
Central Nephropathy laboratory

Nephropathy Laboratory of Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established in the 1980s by professor Wang Yongjun, a nephrology expert of integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine and a national famous old Traditional Chinese medicine doctor. Nephropathy laboratory includes kidney disease clinical laboratory, kidney pathology Room (Hangzhou Kidney Pathology Center), gene amplification laboratory, cell culture room, basic laboratory, etc., currently covers an area of 1000m2, newly built area of 1000m2, total value of instruments and equipment 18 million yuan, 2021 instrument and equipment budget of 5 million yuan. With transmission electron microscopy (tem), ultra-thin slicing machine, freezing microtome, automatic dewatering machine, automatic urinary sediment analysis system, automatic biochemical analyzer, fluorescence quantitative PCR, specific protein analyzer, automatic western blotting, flow cytometry instrument, automatic chemiluminescence analyzer autoimmune analyzer, enzyme mark instrument etc, gel imaging system, biological safety cabinet, microscope Pathological image analysis system and other major equipment.

Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine started renal puncture technology in 1986, independent renal pathological examination was conducted in 1994, and renal pathology room was established in 2008, currently covering an area of nearly 200 square meters. The laboratory took the lead in developing electron microscopy technology among provincial and municipal hospitals, and established diagnostic methods for hereditary nephropathy Aprot syndrome and IgG subtypes. In 2016, Hangzhou Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission approved the establishment of Hangzhou Renal Pathology Diagnosis Center.

The testing center project is complete, not only including conventional renal pathological staining and immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence technique, and in 2014 purchased electronic microscope and related production equipment, and hold people to go to a hospital renal pathological center of Peking University to study electron production with advanced diagnostic technology, electron microscopy (sem) independently with producer and diagnosis, and follow the development of medical science and technology, continuously develop new project, It has greatly improved the level of accurate diagnosis of difficult cases.

Regional Medical Center of TCM Epidemic Diseases (Major Epidemic Treatment Base)

During the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, Fuzheng Qingfei Granules developed by our hospital achieved good efficacy in epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad, providing health protection for medical staff fighting the epidemic on the front line, and was approved by Zhejiang Provincial Food and Drug Administration as the first batch of batch production for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Meanwhile, the sachets, fumigation and tea drinks developed can be used during the resumption of work and production to promote epidemic prevention and control. Our hospital now has 1 national famous TCM doctor, 10 national instructors, 2 provincial famous TCM teachers, 12 provincial famous TCM doctors and 23 hangzhou municipal famous TCM doctors. There are 9 /6 national famous TCM studios and 11 /9 provincial famous TCM studios, providing technical support and guarantee for TCM prevention and treatment of diseases. The local adjustment and site selection demonstration of the control plan has been completed, and the public is ready.

HZTCM Medical Center

Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Medical Center will rely on the existing platform and specialized basis of our hospital to carry out the construction of regional center, find the breakthrough of center development, use modern science and technology, combined with the characteristics of Qiantang Medical school, to create the brand advantage of Hangzhou traditional Chinese medicine. We will give full play to the unique role of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in diagnosis, treatment and emergency treatment, prevention and health care, health promotion, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and treatment of major epidemics, and contribute to the building of "healthy Hangzhou" and "healthy China".