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E.N.T. department

The E.M.T Dept.has 13 medical staff, including 1 chief physician, 2 deputy chief physicians and 5 master students. The department has expert clinic, specialist clinic, general clinic and ward, skilled use of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, integrated Chinese and western medicine to comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of various otorhinolaryngology diseases. The main services and medical features are:

1.Carry out various minimally invasive endoscopic surgeries by combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine

The clinic has imported electronic laryngoscope, nasal endoscope, ear endoscope and digital imaging system, which can clearly display the subtle lesions in the ear, nose and throat cavity, such as foreign bodies, polyps, tumors, etc., which is conducive to the early diagnosis and treatment of difficult diseases. Patients can also see their own lesions through the screen, and the examination results can be printed into photos and handed over to the patient for preservation, easy to return visit.

The ward carries out various kinds of otorhinolaryngology surgeries, especially a series of minimally invasive surgeries such as nasal endoscope surgery, microsupport laryngoscope surgery and ear microsurgery with the help of advanced nasal endoscope surgical instruments, minimally invasive surgical cutting power system, surgical microscope and other equipment. The combination of preoperative and postoperative dialectical treatment with Traditional Chinese medicine has the advantages of less trauma, less bleeding, fast recovery, shorten the hospital stay, reduce surgical complications, and save medical costs.

2. Original Chinese medicine atomization treatment and special homemade preparations

The province original Chinese medicine ultrasonic atomization treatment of various acute and chronic pharyngitis, tonsillitis, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, and hoarseness, throat foreign body sensation and other diseases and nasal, pharynx, larynx after various operations recovery treatment, all have unique curative effect. Combined with taking our hospital pure Chinese medicine preparation, such as pharyngitis mixture, cicada shell mixture, douyan mixture, noise mixture, the curative effect is better, non-toxic side effects.

3. Special TCM ear, nose and throat acupuncture therapy

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment includes three aspects: acupuncture, moxibustion and medicine. Acupuncture is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. I clinical common difficult diseases such as tinnitus, deafness, ear vertigo, allergic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis and so on, the simple use of drug treatment sometimes poor curative effect, so the need for a variety of comprehensive application of therapy, do acupuncture, moxibustion, medicine combined. The characteristic acupuncture and moxibustion therapy carried out by our department is easy to operate, economical and safe, and painless, which is welcomed by patients.

4. Allergen detection and sublingual desensitization treatment

Skin prick allergen detection is a simple skin test to introduce antigens into the superficial level of the skin, which can quickly identify the common allergen in allergic rhinitis patients. It is safe, simple and fast, and the subjects almost have no pain, and children can also accept it.

Sublingual desensitization therapy is a new treatment for allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and asthma. Standardized desensitization therapy is the only causal therapy that can cure allergic diseases. This therapy allows patients to take desensitization agents under the tongue from a low dose, gradually increase the dose, and continue enough course of treatment after reaching the maintenance dose, so as to regulate the immune system of the body to produce tolerance to allergens, so that patients no longer have allergic symptoms or obvious relief of allergic symptoms when they come into contact with allergens again.

5. Establish hearing and vestibular function testing centers

With a full set of imported electrical audiometry, acoustic impedance automatic analyzer, otoacoustic emission analyzer and video electroseismogram and other advanced equipment, for deafness, tinnitus, otitis media and vertigo patients can carry out detailed examination. And for patients who need to improve hearing, professional hearing aid testing, maintenance and hearing rehabilitation training.