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The proctology department was founded in the 1950s. After several generations of unremitting efforts, it has developed into a specialty of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine with characteristics of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine, reasonable structure of personnel echelon, complete specialized equipment and advanced technical level. With outpatient and ward department, laboratory, colonoscopy chamber, etc., is currently the key specialty of zhejiang province administration of traditional Chinese medicine, the national anorectal diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine center of zhejiang branch, department of the existing 12 people, including chief physician 2, doctor 6 people, the resident 4 people, 9 people of postgraduate, department open 25 beds. He has repeatedly undertaken national and provincial continuing education classes with students from all over the country. He has published more than 40 academic papers, completed more than 10 scientific research projects, and won 3 provincial and municipal scientific research achievement awards. At present, he is researching 1 provincial natural fund project, 1 provincial Central management bureau project, and 2 municipal health Bureau projects.

The department has outstanding characteristics of Traditional Chinese medicine, remarkable clinical efficacy, and has unique methods and means in the treatment of anorectal diseases. More than 20 kinds of powder, lotion and ointment, such as hemorrhoid fistula lotion, Detumesitong , Chonghe ointment, Ermu powder, etc., are developed, which are used in oral and sitting bath, and have functions of thrombolysis, analgesia and hemostasis. It is used in hemorrhoids with edema, thrombosis, infection, bleeding, prolapse, etc. It has good curative effect. Self-made series of external medicine such as Yuhong ointment, anti-inflammatory pain-relieving ointment, Purple grass ointment, etc. It is used for dressing change after surgery, which can shorten the healing time of wound and relieve pain. The treatment of ear acupuncture, acupressure and so on has a good effect on postoperative analgesia, and reduces the incidence of urinary retention. With microwave, infrared, laser, injection, anal massage, capacitance field closed clamp and other series of instruments physical therapy. It can treat all kinds of diseases of proctology in a comprehensive way, and the curative effect is outstanding.

On the basis of the traditional, the department carried out the improved segmented ligation ring mixed hemorrhoids PPH surgery, the protection of the anal fistula sphincter suture issue, complexity anal fistula, the director of the incision, branch pipe kuang, piecewise line, horseshoe and within half a horseshoe abscess incision, more open window drainage, floating line hanging line, decompression anal fissure flap transplantation, achieved good effect, Avoid anal stricture and anal incontinence sequelae. At the same time, carry forward the characteristics of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and use modern equipment to assist diagnosis and treatment: for example, intracavitary B-ultrasound is used to observe the changes of local blood flow in the anal canal of patients with hemorrhoids, to discuss the relationship between the incidence and the stage of hemorrhoids, so as to guide the treatment; Anal tube B ultrasound, MRI, CT and so on, improve the detection rate of high abscess and recessive anal fistula.

Department has German emg machine, Dutch, such as gastrointestinal pressure measuring instrument can complete pelvic floor functional tests, including defecation angiography, colon transmission test, the anorectal pressure, anal canal electromyography, air force the test, such as routine examination, can also in pelvic cavity rectum bladder vagina quadruple imaging and determination of gut hormones, in order to make clear the cause of constipation. The self-made laxative paste is applied to the arm branch acupoint, which has double curative effect of drug penetration and acupressure. We have carried out 11 kinds of constipation correction operations, biofeedback therapy combined with postoperative TCM syndrome differentiation treatment, and achieved good curative effect.

In our department, we used "cold and heat, attack and tonic, qi and blood" combined with "micro ecological therapy" to treat inflammatory bowel disease, and achieved good results. Oral administration of Traditional Chinese medicine, retention enema of Chinese and western medicine, combined with endovascular treatment, under colonoscopy, direct spraying of gonorrhea with drugs such as clearing heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation and detumescence, and removing sumogenic muscle has achieved a good effect.

The department has 4 sets of Olympus240, 260, double lumen and other electronic colonoscopes and high frequency cauterizers, etc. Besides routine examination and diagnosis, the department can carry out trap resection of colon polyps, electric biopsy forceps removal, EMR for wide pedicled polyps, lateral development polyps and carcinoma in situ, and carry out foreign body removal and hemostasis under microscope. Relief of low intestinal obstruction, reduction of intussusception and other emergency colonoscopy examination and treatment.

The department has carried out 10 major surgical methods for colorectal cancer. Since 1990, the department has carried out anus preservation surgery for middle and lower rectal cancer. In 2007, the department has carried out laparoscopic radical resection for colorectal cancer. Laparoscopy was also used to complete small bowel cancer, total colon resection of FAP, ileal pouch forming, ileum anal anastomosis and other difficult operations. And can carry on the rare anus malignant tumor operation such as pai Jie disease. And postoperative chemotherapy, oral Chinese medicine treatment, improve immunity, prolong survival, improve the quality of life.