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Brain surgery

The department of Brain surgery was established in the early 1980s, and currently has 3 senior professional titles, 4 associate senior professional titles, 4 intermediate professional titles and 7 master's degrees. At present, the company has ventricle endoscope, digital subtraction angiography machine, magnetic resonance, spiral CT, surgical microscope, microscopic instruments, brain Doppler and other related equipment. Can independently carry out a series of operations and cerebrovascular interventional diagnosis and treatment operations such as severe craniocerebral injury, cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumor, hydrocephalus, spinal cord tumor.

In particular, the combination of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of emergency neurosurgical diseases is quite distinctive, and it is in an advanced position in the province. Recently, it has maintained close cooperation with the first-class domestic neurosurgery department, and regularly sends personnel to the famous domestic neurosurgery department for exchange and study every year to discuss difficult pathology.

He has rich clinical experience in surgical treatment of cerebral apoplexy (thrombectomy in acute stage of cerebral infarction, endarterectomy of internal carotid artery), minimally invasive treatment of craniocerebral trauma, interventional treatment of cerebrovascular diseases, and primary or secondary intracranial tumors (meningioma, glioma, pituitary tumor, teratoma, pineal mass, etc.).

At the same time, in 2016, the Department of Neurology jointly established the encephalopathy center of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine to carry forward the characteristics of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, aiming at the neurological rehabilitation treatment of patients (acute rehabilitation and lifelong rehabilitation), using western medicine surgery treatment, traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation, awakening and kaiqiao treatment. To build a first-class Chinese and western medicine encephalopathy center in China.