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The Cardiovascular department

The Cardiovascular Dept. is a key specialty of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, a key specialty of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Zhejiang Province, and a key discipline construction unit of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in Hangzhou. It is a leading clinical department for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Zhejiang Province. The Department has advanced first-aid equipment such as DSA, multi conductivity physiological instrument, IABP, thrombus suction device, noninvasive and invasive ventilator. Most of the staff in the Department have master's degree or above, including 1 doctoral supervisor, 4 master's supervisors, 4 doctors, 1 national old TCM expert academic experience inheritance work instructor, 2 provincial famous TCM doctors, 8 chief doctors and 3 deputy chief doctors. In recent years, it has carried out more than 20 provincial and municipal projects and won more than 10 provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards.

At present, there are more than 90 beds, including intensive care unit, cardiac catheterization room, cardiac function room, extracorporeal counterpulsation room and traditional Chinese medicine treatment room. The main medical features of cardiovascular department are as follows:

1Interventional diagnosis and treatment of coronary heart disease

In terms of coronary heart disease, the Department mainly carries out diagnosis and treatment measures such as coronary CT imaging, coronary angiography, coronary intravascular ultrasound, coronary drug balloon dilatation, stent implantation, emergency PCI, coronary plaque grinding and so on.

2Interventional therapy for arrhythmia and heart failure

Interventional therapy for arrhythmia and heart failure mainly includes pacemaker implantation, implantable automatic defibrillator implantation, radiofrequency ablation and so on.

3Integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Under the leadership of Zhu Guangli, Qian Baoqing and other older generation experts, after decades of exploration and development, a clinical team characterized by the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine has been formed. There is a unique treatment strategy for the contradiction between hyperlipidemia, antithrombotic and bleeding complicated with abnormal liver function or difficult to reach the standard; Carry out characteristic diagnosis and treatment of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine for diseases such as coronary intervention, intractable hypertension, arrhythmia with treatment contradiction, refractory heart failure, cardiomyopathy and pulmonary embolism. The main features include self-made preparations of traditional Chinese medicine, decoction pieces, granules, winter cream, tea substitute, traditional Chinese medicine foot bath, traditional Chinese medicine umbilical paste, traditional Chinese medicine salt coated iron paste, traditional Chinese medicine ion introduction, ear acupoint embedding beans and other schemes, so as to promote the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases through different ways.