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Cardiothoracic surgery department

Cardiothoracic surgery dept was dounded in 2000. After more than 10 years of construction and development, the disciplinary scale has been expanding, the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment has been improved, the academic research has been deepened, the academic status has been steadily rising, and the disciplinary echelon has become increasingly reasonable, gradually forming a specialized diagnosis and treatment team for thoracic surgery, especially for comprehensive treatment of thoracic diseases. At present, all kinds of thoracic surgery and comprehensive treatment methods for lung cancer and thymoma are at the advanced level in the province, and the large thoracic diagnosis and treatment equipment is in the leading position in the province. The department is mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of various chest diseases, the general survey of lung cancer and the follow-up of patients with chest diseases after surgery. In particular, it has certain advantages in the diagnosis and location of early lung cancer compared with the thoracic surgery department of other hospitals, and its diagnosis and treatment technology level has been unanimously recognized by peers.

The discipline has been committed to the diagnosis and treatment of lung, esophagus and mediastinum diseases for a long time, giving full play to the characteristics and advantages of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine, and carrying out research on traditional Chinese medicine related to thoracic surgery for the purpose of improving clinical efficacy. In the process of learning, we constantly absorb new knowledge, extol the old and absorb the new, so as to make it more mature and full. The discipline actively carries out various new clinical technologies: constantly learning and referring to the advanced thoracic surgery diagnosis and treatment technology at home and abroad, so that the comprehensive medical service capacity of the discipline can maintain the advanced level of peers in the country; Summarize the clinical experience and academic thought of traditional Chinese medicine, sort out and improve traditional Chinese medicine, so as to make innovation and development of chest diseases in TCM syndrome differentiation theory; Further elucidate the basic scientific research on the incidence of lung cancer, improve the academic level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, committed to the transformation of clinical application; Focus on the high incidence of lung cancer, great harm of modern medicine and Chinese medicine integrated treatment of clinical research; To explore new modes and methods of pulmonary prevention and health management.