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TCM gynecology department

TCM gynecology Dept. in our hospital is the construction unit of national key clinical specialties (traditional Chinese Medicine), key specialties from the tenth five year plan to the Twelfth Five Year Plan of the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine, key disciplines in Zhejiang Province, national GCP clinical trial base of traditional Chinese medicine, and key disciplines of medicine in Hangzhou. TCM gynecology is one of the departments established earlier in the hospital. The two founders are Mr. He zihuai and he Shaoshan, the late national famous TCM and heirs of he's gynecology. With outstanding characteristics and distinct advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, the Department is one of the first inheriting units of gynecological schools of traditional Chinese medicine in China. At present, the Department has 4 national famous experts in traditional Chinese medicine, 3 provincial famous traditional Chinese medicine, 3 municipal famous traditional Chinese medicine, 10 chief doctors and 7 deputy chief doctors. There are three wards with more than 100 beds, more than 200000 outpatients per year and more than 4000 discharges. The proportion of foreign patients in the region exceeds 1 / 3 and increases year by year.

In the process of development, the Department takes inheriting the academic experience of famous and old traditional Chinese medicine as the starting point. It not only inherits the scientific experience of he's women, but also continuously absorbs talents and experience of other academic schools. It not only adheres to the excavation and research of traditional Chinese Medicine Classics, but also pays more attention to the combined application of traditional Chinese medicine classic theory in clinic. Traditional Chinese medicine has prominent characteristics and distinct clinical advantages. After decades of inheritance and development, the Department has accumulated rich experience in the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of infertility, recurrent spontaneous abortion, perimenopausal syndrome, menstrual disorders, acute and chronic pelvic inflammation, hysteromyoma and other diseases, and achieved remarkable clinical efficacy. Especially in terms of the treatment characteristics of fetal protection, it took the lead in formulating the diagnosis and treatment routine of threatened abortion in China, and put forward innovative ideas such as warming the kidney and calming the fetus, promoting blood circulation and calming the fetus, so as to effectively guide clinical diagnosis and treatment. Tens of thousands of patients are successfully pregnant with new life through careful care every year.

The department actively carried out new technology and new projects, and carried out 1200 person times of peripheral blood chromosome examination and more than 200 person times of embryo villus chromosome examination every year; In, hysteroscopy was performed more than 1000 times, and colposcopy was performed routinely; The annual average number of semen tests was more than 6000, and the number of anti Mullerian hormone tests was more than 1000.

the Department not only adheres to and develops the unique he's women's Department, but also continuously absorbs the strengths and talents of other academic schools. After several years of development, the second Department of gynecology has attracted many patients from all over the country with good curative effect. The annual outpatient volume is more than 200000 person times, and the annual discharge of patients is more than 2000 person times.

Talent training: 6 successors of national famous traditional Chinese medicine, 4 successors of Hangzhou famous traditional Chinese medicine, 1 doctor and more than 30 postgraduates have been trained.

Scientific research and papers: in recent 5 years, 8 provincial and ministerial projects have been completed, and 7 projects are currently under research. Publish more than 10 articles in journals above the provincial level every year.

Specialty features

1Carry out projects

1. Chromosome examination of peripheral blood and villi

The genetic etiology of patients with recurrent spontaneous abortion, infertility and amenorrhea was diagnosed. The annual average number of peripheral blood chromosome examination was 1160 and embryo villus chromosome examination was 225.

2. Blocking antibody test and lymphocyte immunotherapy

The etiological diagnosis of recurrent spontaneous abortion was carried out, and the patients with low blocking antibody were treated with lymphocyte immunotherapy. The annual average number of closed antibody tests was more than 1900, and the number of lymphocyte immunotherapy between spouses was more than 2700.

3. Electronic colposcopy

Leica photoelectric integrated colposcope imported from Germany is used for vulva, vagina and cervical diseases. It can diagnose inflammation, warts and tumors in these parts. Combined with local biopsy, it is of great value for early detection of vulva cancer, cervical cancer and precancerous lesions.

4. Electronic hysteroscopy

With advanced German Karl Storz hysteroscopy and Sony hysteroscopy camera system, it can dredge fallopian tube obstruction, remove uterine polyps and small myomas, remove incarcerated contraceptives, and separate uterine adhesions under direct vision.

5. Automatic semen analysis

At present, the semen examination items include automatic semen analysis, sperm morphology analysis, semen leukocyte peroxidase staining, seminal plasma zinc determination and seminal plasma neutrality α- Glucosidase activity assay, seminal plasma elastase quantitative assay, sperm acrosin activity quantitative assay, antisperm antibody mixed agglutination test. The annual average number of semen examinations was more than 5700.

2TCM treatment advantage project

1. TCM treatment of infertility: the etiology of infertility is complex, including ovary, fallopian tube, pelvic cavity, immunity, male and other factors; The undergraduate course adopts the method of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, uses traditional Chinese medicine to promote ovulation to treat ovulation disorder, traditional Chinese medicine retention enema and traditional Chinese medicine intervention under hysteroscopy to treat tubal and pelvic obstruction and adhesion, so as to improve the pregnancy rate and eugenics rate of infertile women. Carry out TCM andrology clinic to solve infertility caused by male factors.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of recurrent spontaneous abortion: the combination of disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation, combined with the application of the latest detection means of modern medicine, formulate the diagnosis and treatment norms of the disease, pre cultivate its foundation before pregnancy, and improve the success rate of fetal protection and eugenics, with remarkable curative effect.

3. TCM treatment of hysteromyoma: according to the principle of TCM syndrome differentiation and analysis, the method of strengthening health and removing blood stasis is adopted to effectively reduce and control hysteromyoma and avoid surgical pain.

4. TCM treatment of menstrual disorders: combining disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation, using the methods of Tonifying the kidney, strengthening the spleen, soothing the liver, promoting blood circulation and resolving phlegm, it has achieved remarkable curative effects on amenorrhea, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature ovarian failure, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and so on.

5. Treatment of acute and chronic pelvic inflammatory disease: the combination of internal and external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine can effectively control the recurrence of inflammation, then completely eliminate inflammation and improve women's quality of life.

6. Adjuvant therapy before and after IVF: assisted reproduction has developed rapidly in recent years. Traditional Chinese medicine has coordinated the body's endocrine environment and played a complementary role in cooperation with IVF. TCM treatment can be divided into three stages: (1) pre pregnancy conditioning, tonifying kidney and regulating menstruation, and improving ovarian reserve. Intraoperative cooperation, nourishing kidney and filling essence, improving embryo quality and increasing endometrial receptivity. After operation, it can strengthen the spleen and kidney, relieve excessive stimulation and prevent threatened abortion

7. TCM treatment of perimenopause: under the guidance of TCM holistic view and yin-yang theory, give play to the individualized treatment measures of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment, and have the hospital preparation happy Ning mixture.