The ICU is a comprehensive department with 25 beds ,also for the rescue of critically ill patients and postoperative care of major operations in the hospital. It is also a standardized training base for residents in Hangzhou.

The department has 16 doctors, mainly senior doctors, 2 chief physicians, 3 associate chief physicians, 13 master degree; Fifty-six nurses. The department has a complete set of advanced medical equipment: imported invasive ventilator 26 sets, imported monitor 25 sets; Equipped with mobile end-breath carbon dioxide monitor, Picco monitoring module, bedside fiberoptic bronchoscope, bedside blood gas analyzer, defibrillator, bedside B-ultrasound machine, constant temperature blanket, etc.

The department treats more than 500 critically ill patients every year, and the number of bed days for critically ill patients reaches more than 7000. Patients treated: all kinds of acute and critical diseases, especially those with rich experience in the treatment of severe snake bite, and the care and management after coronary artery bypass grafting and heart valve replacement, as well as patients with multiple injuries, severe craniocerebral injury, massive bleeding after obstetric operation, amniotic fluid embolism, and multiple organ failure. All 10 major techniques in the ICU have been performed, especially hemodynamic blood monitoring PICCO, percutaneous tracheotomy, critical care ultrasound, bedside tracheoscopy, and alveolar lavage related examinations.

The advantage of the department lies in the treatment of critical patients with integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine. The commonly used traditional Chinese medicine techniques include TCM decoction, TCM acupoint application, TCM enema, acupuncture and moxibution, etc., which can effectively improve the treatment rate and improve the patient's condition. Especially, TCM decoction and granules are widely used and effective. The department of patient care to achieve individual and fine management, carry out a large number of traditional Chinese medicine nursing work.