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Physical examination center

The physical examination center is located on the second floor of building 7, with an independent and elegant environment. It provides one-stop physical examination service to create a comfortable and warm physical examination atmosphere for you.

Physical examination center is based on the strong medical technical force of the hospital, in line with the concept of "people-oriented, service first", with perfect supporting facilities, elegant service, exquisite medical skills, reasonable fees to provide convenient, economic, high-quality health examination services for the masses of citizens. The center is equipped with internal, external, gynecological, eye, ear, nose and throat medical examination, and has 256 slice high-end spiral CT, MAGNETIC resonance imaging system (MR), 16-slice spiral CT, SPRT-CT, digital X-ray (DR), automatic biochemical analyzer, full type-B ultrasound, flow cytometry and other diagnostic and treatment equipment to ensure your examination.

The center provides a series of different grades of physical examination package, including: entry physical examination package, health examination package, middle-aged and elderly physical examination package, white-collar elite physical examination package and so on. The examinee can choose appropriate physical examination package according to age, physical condition and economic condition. The center has a strong team of experts, who are examined by doctors with senior professional titles of attending physicians or above, and can provide a full range of health care experience services and implement comprehensive systematic and information-based management.