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Medical Laboratory Center

The clinical laboratory is a medical laboratory with advanced and complete testing equipment and modern hardware and software. It has now become a comprehensive medical laboratory integrating medicine, teaching and research. The department has 41 medical staff, including 4 with senior professional title, 14 with intermediate professional title, 1 with doctor's degree, 15 with master's degree or studying master's degree.

The department has clinical routine laboratory, emergency laboratory, clinical biochemical immunology laboratory (including HIV screening laboratory), clinical microbiology laboratory, and blood transfusion department, which basically meet the needs of clinical testing. The department has a number of international leading instruments and equipment, such as large biochemical analyzer, chemiluminescence instrument, automatic enzyme analyzer, automatic bacteria identification instrument, blood culture instrument, five categories of blood cell analyzer, urine sedimentation analyzer and other advanced detection equipment, in the comprehensive third grade a hospital laboratory advanced level.

The laboratory department has participated in the biochemical, bacterial, immune, clinical and blood type laboratory quality assessment conducted by the Ministry of Health and Zhejiang Province every year with excellent results. Presided over by the laboratory and as the main researcher to participate in the completion of a number of projects. Responsible for teaching zhejiang Chinese Medicine University, Zhejiang Medical College and other colleges and universities of laboratory professional intern teaching.

In line with the people-oriented service concept, the department for patients to mail reports, in the outpatient blood drawing office to provide oral consultation, telephone consultation and other services, in order to shorten the test time, with the characteristics of our hospital, with the fastest speed of the report, the test center work without holidays. Clinical biochemistry, immunohormone, and routine tumor tests are reported daily and are better located for patients. In addition, the clinical laboratory has been rated as hangzhou bureau level advanced group for many times, and the clinical department has given high evaluation to the accuracy and timeliness of the test results of our department.