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The ultrasoud department of hangzhou hospital of traditional chinese medicine was established in 1976. Three-dimensional ultrasound was introduced in 1999, and contrast-enhanced ultrasound was introduced in 2001.In 1993, the ultrasound department started renal biopsy and entered ultrasonic interventional diagnosis; in 2010, the ultrasound department began tumor radiofrequency ablation and entered ultrasonic interventional therapy. In 2015, the ultrasound department opened interventional clinic and day ward, moving from traditional ultrasound diagnosis to the first line of clinical practice. After 40 years of trials and hardships, ultrasoud department of hangzhou hospital of traditional chinese medicine has braved the forefront of ultrasound technology, and has formed a comprehensive medical discipline covering ultrasound diagnosis and interventional treatment, from medical technology to clinical radiation.

The discipline passed the examination of hangzhou hospital of traditional chinese medicine in 2015 and became a key discipline (category III) at the hospital level. After the construction and development of the previous years, the discipline scale has been continuously expanded, the clinical diagnosis and treatment level has been continuously improved, academic research has been continuously deepened, the discipline echelon has become increasingly reasonable, and gradually developed into a trinity of clinical, teaching and scientific research, It is a comprehensive discipline with certain influence and academic status inside and outside the province.