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Patholog department

Pathology dept.has been awarded the provincial and municipal excellent unit of pathology quality control for many years, and is the standardized training base of pathology for residents in Hangzhou and Zhejiang Province. In recent years, it is one of the presiding units of difficult pathological film reading association of Hangzhou Provincial hospital.

The department has more than 11,000 cases of surgical pathology examination annually, more than 1000 cases of rapid frozen section, more than 7000 cases of liquid based cytology, more than 3000 cases of ordinary cytology, more than 6000 cases of cervical cytology examination, more than 100 cases of immunohistochemistry, more than 700 cases of renal biopsy, etc. It also includes special stains, pathologic consultations, FISH tests for Her2, immunohistochemical staining for cell sections, and molecular pathology tests for targeted therapies, as well as various accelerated pathologic work.

The department actively carries out scientific research. His research projects include "Molecular mechanism of trophoblast tumor infiltration ability research" supported by Zhejiang Provincial Education Fund, "Construction of trophoblast disease tissue chip and prediction of infiltration ability" supported by Zhejiang Provincial Medical science and Technology Project. Hangzhou Medical and health Science and Technology Project "Construction of trophoblast cell disease tissue chip and prediction of infiltration capacity"; Hangzhou Medical science and Technology Project "Feasibility study on preoperative targeted drug therapy for colorectal cancer biopsy"; Hangzhou Science and Technology Bureau project "preparation of combined immunohistochemical quality control single cell suspension". Applied for zhejiang Natural Science Foundation and National Natural Science Foundation projects actively. Participated in many projects and won provincial and municipal achievements.