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The latest TCM hospital "national examination" results released, HZTCM won first in the province!
11-11 2021

Just in the latest three-level public traditional Chinese medicine hospital "national examination" results out!


The performance appraisal of national public TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine hospitals is the "big test" of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council for the national three-level public TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine medical institutions in a real sense, and also an important means to further deepen the reform of national medical and health system. This "national examination" from the medical quality, operational efficiency, sustainable development, satisfaction evaluation of the four dimensions of all the three-level public traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in China to carry out monitoring analysis, a total of 414 three-level traditional Chinese medicine hospitals participated in the evaluation, the scale is unprecedented!

According to the score calculated by the system, the evaluation and assessment grade of each hospital is divided into 3 grades and 6 grades. The top 5% are A+, 5%-20% are A, 20%-50% are B+, 50%-75% are B, 75%-95% are C+, and 95%-100% are C. The total score of national monitoring indicators was set at 1000 points, and the weight of indicators at all levels was calculated by analytic hierarchy process in the assessment. The score ratio of the four dimensions of medical quality, operational efficiency, sustainable development and satisfaction evaluation was about 4:3:3:1, making the whole assessment system more scientific and comprehensive.


In the first "National examination" of Traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, our hospital ranked 29th in the country, and jumped to 12th in the new round of "National examination", becoming A+ level and ranking first in the province, fully demonstrating the comprehensive strength of first-class traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, laying A solid foundation for the beginning of the "14th Five-Year plan"! We will closely around construction of "health" of hangzhou and the goals of the city of traditional Chinese medicine, to tertiary public hospital on index as the standard, continuously optimize the medical service and hospital operations, to build a special advantage of traditional Chinese medicine is prominent, comprehensive strength among the leading the modernization and internationalization of clinical research work toward the aim of the comprehensive hospital, Strive to provide more high-quality, more comprehensive medical services for the people of Hangzhou, and contribute to the construction of "healthy China".